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Staycations are all the rage at the moment. They’re affordable, less stressful and a great way to see more of your home country.



Brighton is a popular seaside destination which sees thousands of visitors in the summer. However, it’s a great place for a city break all year round, with a vibrant arts scene, parks and museums for you to wile away the hours in.



Bath is small and compact, but this makes it great for a shorter holiday. The original Roman baths of yesteryear are still there, but you can’t take a dip in them. Not to worry, as there are plenty of modern spas to help you unwind after a hectic week.



Next year, Hull will take a turn in the spotlight as the Capital of Culture 2017. If you were a raver in your younger days, visit the Museum of Club Culture. If you like marine life, visit The Deep aquarium. The Old Town is also a popular area to visit.



Chester and the surrounding areas has so much to offer. The city itself is encased in Roman walls, has a great selection of shops and a real amphitheatre. For kids (or grown ups who love animals!) get back to nature at the nearby zoo.



Another small city, Lincoln gets an influx of visitors during the festive season for its popular Christmas market. A beautiful castle and cathedral take over the city’s skyline and at the castle, you can see the original Magna Carta from 1215. Perfect for history buffs.



Don’t listen to the rumours…it doesn’t actually rain that much in Manchester. Even if it does, there’s always something to do. It’s the perfect city break destination for a football fan, with the National Football Museum in the city centre, and two of the UK’s biggest football teams based here. For kids, there’s the Legoland Discovery Centre and for mum, there’s the Trafford Centre.



Liverpool is the place to be for a perfect mixture of day and night activities. Visit for a special event such as the Grand National at Aintree or the Food and Drink festival in Sefton Park. Hit the shops at Liverpool One and then spend the evening trying to find the secret bar through a telephone box.



Each year, this Yorkshire city becomes the proud home of the Snooker World Championships at the Crucible Theatre. Sheffield also has a vibrant culture scene, with historic music venues, museums and beautiful botanical gardens.