Car Hire In The UK

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You may need to hire a car for a variety of reasons. This could include: moving house, making a long journey, going on a staycation or because yours has gone in for repair.

How to hire a vehicle

If you are planning to hire a car here in the UK or abroad, you need a code from contacting the DVLA. This is because the paper counterpart of driving licences were abolished in 2015. Formerly, the paper counterpart of a licence was used to display information about your licence, such as any penalty points you have collected. However, now all information will be stored in an online database. This means that in an instance where you need to show information about your licence, such as when hiring a car, you will have to get a code from the DVLA to allow the car hire company to check your driving history.

You can generate the code by using the Share Driving Licence service online, or by calling the DVLA. To get the code, you need your driving licence number, National Insurance number and postcode.

Some car hire companies will only ask to see your driving licence, but it’s worth generating the code just in case. The code is valid for 21 days, but can only be used once to help protect your privacy. You can have up to 15 codes active at any one time.

This video explains the code generating process in detail:

UK Car Rental Companies


Enterprise Rent-A-Car covers many destinations across the UK, all the way from Belfast to Aberdeen. They have an online booking system to make the process simpler.

There are specialised rental programmes specifically for businesses, an exotic car collection and van hire.


Focusing mainly on airport locations, Hertz is ideal to rent from for a staycation. In London alone, they have 12 different branches for you to pick your car up from. They have a price match system, where if you can find a lower price, they will pay you the difference. Theft and damage cover is included in the price that you pay, so there are no hidden extras. They also have a 24 hour rental helpline if you need to use it in an emergency. You can also use each rental to earn frequent flyer points or miles.


Book your car hire online and take care of any necessities such as child car seats and sat navs, so that you don’t have to stress about them when you pick your car up. You can also add extra drivers to take the burden off a long journey and choose which type of car you need based on how many passengers you have. Easy!

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